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This was one of my first projects I made in Java. It contains 3 calculators, a Pythagorean Theorem calculator, Mod simplifier, and Volume of a Sphere calculator.

Development Guide

If you want to clone the repository and work on the project, please follow these instructions exactly.

You will need the following to run this project:

  • Git
  • Java

  • Most modern computers come with Git installed. If you do not have it installed, you can download it at

    Make sure you have Java installed. Java does not usually come installed with your computer. To install it, head to Now, click on the Java only download, not the Net Beans one. Follow the prompts, to ensure that Java is fully installed.

    Note - Do not type the $ as it is a reminder that it is a command, to be entered on the command line.

    To clone the repository, type in the following:

    $ git clone

    Navigate to the project directory by using the cd command. Type:

    $ cd Math-Calculator

    Since this project was made with Eclipse, you will need to cd into the src direcory. Enter:

    $ cd src/

    Now, we type the following to compile the code:

    $ javac

    Then run the code by typing:

    $ java Calculator

    Now, the program should work!