Setup Instructions

These instructions will help you setup your own version of Michael’s project website. Follow the instructions exactly

Boring Stuff

Note: This section will focus on the installation of the project

You will need the following to run this project:

Most modern computers come with Git installed. If you do not have it installed, you can download it at

You will also need to download Ruby. Most modern Mac’s come with Ruby pre-installed but if you do not have it, you can download it at

Installing Jekyll is very simple. To do that, you need to open a command prompt and type the following:

Note - Do not type the $ as it is a reminder that it is a command, to be entered on the command line.

To clone the repository, type in the following:

$ git clone

Now, navigate to the directory by typing:

$ cd

Now, you need to serve Jekyll to start the server:

$ jekyll serve

Note: If you would like to serve the port on a different one than port 4000 type the following:

$ jekyll serve --port <port_no>


Note: This section will focus on how to customize the website

Open the projects folder, and delete all contents. The only thing that should be remaining is the empty folder.

Open the projects.yml file, which can be located in the _data directory.

Delete all lines of code except for lines 1-22

Now, you can customize that file for your projects.

To make a page for a project, make a new .md file in the projects directory.

The YAML front matter should be the following:

layout: project
title: <title_of_website>
permalink: /<link_that_you_want_your_project_to_be_saved_to>/
project: <the_project_name>

It should now all work!