Michael's Project Website

This website contains Michael's computer projects that are current and from the past

About Michael


I like computer science, rowing, music, blogging and so much more! If I am not playing the trombone or rowing, I am trying to make a new project for computers.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • AppleScript
  • Command Line (Unix/Linux)
  • Projects

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    My first java project which is a simple math calculator for some simple formulas.
    This is the same as my personal website except it has new features.
    My blog where you can find my ranting, and views on current issues that are happening around the world.
    The website for the Upper Canada College Engineering Society club.
    A game I modified in my grade 9 computer science class. This version of Pong was written in Python.
    A website for projects where you can find all of the documentation for my projects.
    Solutions to some problems of Python Coding Bat
    A simple script to generate random passwords of your choice.
    A quiz that tests you on how well you know me.
    An AppleScript application that asks you the quantity of bills/coins, then counts them and tells you the total value.
    A very cool project written in JavaScript that allows you to put a password on your static site.
    A program written in AppleScript that will alert you if your computer becomes disconnected from online.
    A simple countdown that I made in JavaScript for a webpage.
    Python based Turtle Art that was one of my first projects in Python.
    Makes a user get a cookie on their computer, and then allows them to open a page.